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National Aardvark Day – 19th March 2018

What has ears like a rabbit, a nose like a pig and a tail like a rat? Well its our friend the aardvark and its his special day today! Its also the time of year when we like to celebrate at 2 Aardvarks with our clients and friends. The last 12 months have been so busy for us, working with 3 major clients and splitting time between Hertfordshire, London and Dorset.

We have also done several consultancy pieces with other clients. All this has meant we have been too busy to write blogs, tweet etc since last National Aardvark Day! So read on to find out what we have been up to, and what we are doing this National Aardvark Day…

What have we been up to since last National Aardvark Day?

Since the last National Aardvark Day, this is what we have been up to:

  • Leading a project at an environmental reporting charity to build a content management and rendering system. Ian acted as a product owner/project manager on this project, designing the functionality and logic around creating complex dynamic html, Word and PDF outputs, and running development sprints etc

  • SQL development for 2 tour operators, around reporting and operational processes

  • Leadership on a tour operator major system upgrade, involving testing co-ordination, issue raising and resolution with supplier, training etc

  • Management of IT provision for a B2B finance company, including management and incremental development of bespoke software solution. Analysing requirements, working with developers to push through new functionality to production

  • Creation of user stories for a peer-to-peer car rental company

  • As well as being involved in some of the above, Jane has also been providing business consultancy to Dorset artists through a permanent position at The Arts Development Company.

National Aardvark Day 2018

This year, Jane has been busy creating handmade cards for our clients using a lino-cutting and printing technique. There is also a National Aardvark Day cake following Ian round and a little gift for our clients. Our revenue from March 19th and 20th will be given to our favourite charities – more details to follow!

And finally…

Its important we remember what it is to be an aardvark with some help from Sesame Street! “I’m tough and smart and strong and always right and that’s the way I’ll always be… until I meet another aardvark who’s bigger than me”…

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