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National Aardvark Day – 19th March 2019

Its our favourite time of year again – National Aardvark Day! This is the 5th year we have celebrated this most important of days, by doing silly stuff and making presents for our clients, partners and friends.

This year, in a bid to convince the world that National Aardvark Day is a real and important thing (and not just something we made up), we have created a new website dedicated to the 19th March – Why not head over there for some aardvark facts and fun? And don’t forget to use #nationalaardvarkday – lets go aard-viral!

We wanted our gift to be something both useful and environmentally friendly, so we had this 2 Aardvarks notebook made, created from 100% recycled paper.

We also had two rubber stamps made by local Dorset business The English Stamp Company, one featuring the 2 Aardvarks logo, and the other featuring one of Jane’s line drawings of an aardvark that appears on the homepage of our website.

We have been busy inking and stamping, packing and posting, ready to give our recycled books to our clients, partners and friends this week. Its our small way of showing our appreciation for supporting our business over the past year, so thank you.

And remember, when we’re not busy playing with stationery and making aardvark-related websites, we like to help our clients run successful IT and digital marketing projects, through business analysis and agile project management. Take a look at our What We Do page to see how we can help your business – we would love to hear from you and discuss your ideas.

Wishing you a happy National Aardvark Day!

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