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  • Ian Showell

New website launched for TradeRiver (UK)

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

We were recently commissioned to build a new website for our client TradeRiver (UK). TradeRiver offers a revolving credit facility to businesses to help fund their supplier payments.

Our brief was to create a website with a lighter, more airy feel. TradeRiver wanted to simplify its messaging and functionality on the website, and for the new site to act as a shop window to support offline sales activity.

Jane worked with TradeRiver to define and analyse requirements, give guidance about best practice on design, UX and SEO etc, and ultimately carry out the actual build herself.

We are really pleased with how the site looks and works, and TradeRiver are too. Why not take a look yourself –

If you need some help with your new website, please get in touch. We are available for affordable consultancy and technical work.

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