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  • Ian Showell

Celebrating our 5th birthday

Its our 5th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than sharing one of Jane’s excellent baking creations? As well as consuming copious amounts of cake, we have taken the opportunity to look back over our first five years and reflect on all the great things we have achieved with our clients.

It has always been our strategy to maintain a balanced portfolio of clients, providing a mixture of consultancy and contract work. This allows us to bring an unrivalled breadth of expertise and experience to small and medium sized organisations that would not otherwise have access to these sorts of skills and knowledge.

We have been involved in a wide range of strategy and business analysis work, product owner roles for bespoke systems, business process and technical development projects, data analysis and reporting, and other technical integration and analysis activities.

Our business has developed wholly on recommendation, reputation and word of mouth, so thank you to all our clients and network who continue to support our business and spread the word about the quality, efficiency and affordability of our service.

Anyway, back to the cake… we shared this rather cute lemon flavoured aardvark cake with our client CDP, who are an environmental reporting charity in London. He lasted just long enough to take this photo!

Happy aardvarking!!

Ian with Cathryn Symons, CDP IT Director

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